Honeymooning with a Houseful:  6 Good Ideas for Newlyweds with Children

Ah, the first year of marriage.  The uncertainty, the excitement.  Learning how to love each other, learning how to fight clean, learning how to sleep next to someone who snores or steals all the blankets at night. This new phase of life is full of challenges. Not only are you learning your new spouse, but you’re also learning a lot about yourself.  Though beautiful, it can be stressful and downright overwhelming.

Now, imagine coming home from your honeymoon to a house full of children.  Literally, a child in every bedroom, looking to you, their new parent, to guide them on how to navigate this brand new phase in their life.  Take all the uncertainty of a new marriage, add all the responsibility of new parenthood, and what do you get?  An anxiety disorder.

But in addition to exploring new heights of stress in your life, if this is your new reality, you’ve just tapped into a greater capacity for joy!

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