Emmy Can Eat

imageBefore I was a mommy, I was an aunt. And boy, did I love it! It was my goal to be the auntiest aunt who ever aunted. And I feel as if I accomplished that goal. With two nieces and one nephew, I’d never been more in love…until I met Mr. Frank. He captured my heart, made me his bride, and whisked me away to Frank Corner. The distance and the new responsibilities of motherhood kept me from being with my nieces and nephew as much as I had been in the past, and I missed them terribly.  So, last week we had the two little ones come and stay with us.

It was a big week for us.  Mostly because having six children in the house makes for a very full house indeed.  But with older children to help with younger children, everyone was accounted for.  We had a picnic in the park, went swimming, ate ice cream, played in the hose, had a cookout, snapped beans, snuggled and giggled, and enjoyed each other fully.  But the biggest accomplishment of the week:  Emerson ate green beans!

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Watering the Patience

imageHere on Frank Corner, we’re big on chores.  If you ask my kids, they’d probably say we’re a little too big on chores.  There are charts in the dining room that detail each child’s responsibility, lists on the doors to define Mom’s expectations, and a schedule that helps them know when things are to be done during the day.  Chores range from cleaning their rooms, helping with dinner, and vacuuming the floors.  We hope to teach them something about responsibility, about how to clean up after themselves.  (It also prevents me from having to vacuum the floors because I hate vacuuming.  Vacuuming’s the worst.). We’re a big family so we need all hands on deck, including the six-year-old’s.  In fact, he’s my most eager helper.

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Summer Charles Frank

IMAG0328I’m not a cat person.  I tried explaining this to the stray that wandered up on our front porch as I fed her lunch meat and stroked her gently.  I don’t think she believed me.  She’s been hanging around our house for the past few weeks and the kids decided to name her:    Summer, for the season she found us in.  Charles, after my grandfather, of course.  And Frank, well because we’re the Franks (that one was obvious, I know).

I told her if she was a cat worth her salt at all she’d get in our garage and kill the mouse that has been causing conflict between me and Mr. Frank.  I believe the mouse should not live in the garage, he believes  I’m overreacting.  But while she did bring me a dead chipmunk the other day and a bird just today, the mouse continues to roam the garage, and the conflict continues.

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